We like transparency, and we think you might, too. Keep scrolling for a description of our privacy safeguards, our promise to you, and a list of the companies we use to deliver our services.

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Privacy is a fundamental human right

Nobody needs to know who you talk to, where you go, how much money you spend, and what websites you visit. We believe that control of your data should be up to you, and we have designed this site to protect your privacy as much as possible. Because you know what? We don't want your data. We want your trust.


Internet cookies, technically called HTTP cookies, are small bits of data stored on your computer by a website. They serve several purposes. If a website remembers your preferences, holds items in your shopping cart, recalls your contact information, or stays logged in between sessions, it's all thanks to cookies: small bits of data a website stores on your computer. Not all are helpful to you, though. Many cookies, called tracking cookies, record the sites you've visited and things you've done on the internet. We have avoid using third-party tracking cookies on our site: so your business, can simply be your business.


Web analytics is the collection and analysis of data for the purpose of understanding and improving our website experience. We do make use of analytics on this site. However, we don't record unnecessary data, and IP addresses are anonymized for your privacy. This means that in our reports, every web visitor is just that--an anonymous, nameless visitor.


Our website is hosted through Hostinger, a reputable hosting service based in Lithuania. In a 2019 security breach, Hostinger quickly took drastic steps to secure their data, including mandating password changes for the 14 million users on the affected server. Your data is secured, whether on our web server, or our Yandex or MailChimp email platforms. We promise to act on any threats to your data, and to let you know as soon as possible if your data is compromised.

Our Promise

We acknowledge privacy’s increasingly great importance in today’s world. Therefore, to the best of our ability: we will protect your data and your privacy; we will remain transparent about our practices; we will adhere to applicable privacy laws, such as the CCPA and GDPR; and we will withhold your data from large third-party tracking networks, like Google and Facebook.

How We Work

Hostinger (Web Hosting)

Websites need to run from somewhere, and since running a website on a home computer is hardly practical, websites are hosted on specialized web servers. Our Website,, is hosted with Hostinger, a reputable Lithuania-based hosting service. In the web community, Hostinger is well-known as a reliable service with minimal downtime and well-priced services. They provide various levels of service, from a high-end Cloud Server or VPS (Virtual Private Server), to a low-priced but still full-featured Shared Server, which by far is the cheapest hosting option in the industry. They prioritize security, too: In a 2019 security breach, Hostinger quickly took drastic steps to secure their data, including mandating password changes for the 14 million users on the affected server.

Cloudflare (CDN, DNS, Security, and Analytics)

Established in 2009, Cloudflare is a champion of internet security and privacy. Cloudflare has developed one of the largest Content Delivery Networks (CDN) in the world, storing site data at strategically located points around the globe so that users can access a website at high speeds from wherever they are. Cloudflare has also created one of the world’s fastest Domain Name Systems, allowing quick connections between a domain (such as and the unique ID number of its server. Cloudflare has mitigated some of the largest DDoS attacks in the history of the internet, build new security and privacy features, and recently created a privacy-focused analytics solution, which does not track users’ personal information or leave cookies in their browsers. Cloudflare Analytics is a new product in 2020, and like all the others on this list from Cloudflare, it is available for free. Cloudflare also has useful premium features not mentioned here. Cloudflare staunchly supports internet privacy, and on multiple occasions has called out internet giants such as Google, while working to create a new privacy-focused culture for the internet.

WordPress (Website Builder)

WordPress is the single most-used web builder, having build over one-third of the internet. It’s a free and open-source program, meaning that anyone can critique the source code and see exactly WordPress is built. (Open Source software is almost synonymous with privacy-focused; if you can see the core of the software, you can be sure it isn’t behaving in ways it shouldn’t.) WordPress is an awesome web builder–widely known as the best–and through its wide range of built-in features and huge library of plug-ins, there is virtually no limit on what someone can build.

hCaptcha (Secures Forms)

Spam is a huge problem on the internet today, evidenced by the fact that at one point, Our Website was receiving two or more robot-generated messages a day through our contact form. The most well-proven and well-known way to avoid spam is to include a Captcha in a form, which robots have a difficult time figuring out, but which humans can easily do. However, the most common is reCaptcha, which is owned by Google and known to send users’ information to Google’s servers. Instead of using it, we turned to hCaptcha, a privacy-focused alternative to reCaptcha, which doesn’t collect unecessary personal data and never leaves unessential cookies.

Other Services* We Use:

NameCheap – Domain Registrar
Cloudinary – File Hosting
Rebrandly – Link Shortener
Yandex – Email Provider
MailChimp – Mailing List Manager – Mail Forwarder for our secondary domains
PostScanMail – Virtual Mailbox

WordPress Plugins:
Akismet – Blocks Comment Spam
Elementor – Site Designer
Jetpack – Remote Manager and Security
LiteSpeed – Caching
Really Simple SSL – SSL Implementation
Redirection – Redirects links
Revive Old Posts – Social Media Posting
UpdraftPlus – Backup Solution
WPForms – Contact Form
Yoast SEO – Search Engine Optimization

*may not be a complete list