About Me

My name is Jared Ratcliff, and I am a young adult, technically, and finally getting used to the term.

I live in central Washington State, where I’ve grown up. Think snowy winters and sunny, hot summers with occasional clouds of wildfire smoke above the evergreen forests; that’s where I live. Seattle is separated from me by a mountain range, change of climate, and three hours of driving.
I am also a college student, currently in my third year of college, the first with a high school diploma in my pocket. When I’m not reading textbooks, reviewing flashcards or working at the college’s English tutoring center, I enjoy web design (I am currently the developer for my local church,) writing, reading, photography, and hiking. Or camping, or kayaking. Or, just about anything outdoors, actually.
Finally, I am a believer. A bit of a stubborn one. What do I believe in? Just this: I believe that the suffering and sorrow of humanity, is only temporary; that you—and I—were created by a God who can be accurately characterized, with our pathetic English expressions, by only one word: Love. I believe, as the old adage states, “the best is yet to come.” I believe because I’ve found God to be a Father, ever faithful.
I also have a hope. My hope is that every beating heart on this broken planet will experience Love, too. That every person, whether feeble, strong, or wounded, can learn to fly; to receive peace, and acceptance, and love. And my aim is to let that hope not remain only a hope, but become a reality. Let’s all learn to fly.
That’s my story, currently, though much remains to be written. I hope that the musings in this blog can help you, too, learn to fly. Because He is faithful. And maybe heaven can start right here. That’s my prayer for you. If you’d like to ensure you never miss a post, subscribe here. Blessings!