Compelled to Fly

In a world with billions of broken hearts and smashed dreams, there is hope for us. Because He is Love.

A girl learning how to pray.

The Gospel Must Go On

Last March, when the pandemic hit countries around the world, the church found itself in a problem. The church had 67,000 missionaries around the world,

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A Virtual Existence

He was destined for great things. It’s what happens when you’re a prince; when your father is the king of an empire. This young man

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When God Closes A Door

As the COVID-19 hurricane has ransacked the world, it’s left a lot of damage. And we keep hoping the storm will dissipate, move back out

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Is Church Really Closed?

Travel is prohibited. You cannot get closer to someone than six feet, so, as the too-familiar slogan states, if a kiss begins with Kay, then

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Nothing To Fear

They were not unused to trials—for their parents, now dead, had been slaves in a foreign land. Many of these remembered, if only faintly, days

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