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Thoughts from a heart that is breaking for those who are broken.

In a world with billions of broken hearts and smashed dreams, there is hope for us. We are Compelled to Fly.

Faithful (A Story)

I read a poem recently; it’s an old poem, first published almost two hundred years ago. It’s a beautiful tale, and a true one, of

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The Forsaken Ones

The jiaks are some of the most feared individuals in Pnong culture. During the day, they’re normal people; they work in the fields, eat rice

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He Cares

It was a gloomy Friday afternoon in Mondulkiri. It had been a very full, stressful week of teaching, and I’d had barely any time out

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The Backslidden Missionary

Kak To western people, all the Pnong people in Punih village would appear to live in poverty. However, by Pnong standards, Kak and her family

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Glimpses of Glory (Part 2)

I don’t remember what day it was. Maybe it was the evening of Sreylee’s birthday, or after I’d visited Ounnang with her broken leg, or

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What does it mean to be rich? To have a rich life? After Friday evening worship at Weimar University, some students often have an “afterglow”,

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He Will Carry You

I have been back from Cambodia for several months, and am currently studying at Weimar University in northern California. I’ll certainly share about that someday;

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Never Alone

I said goodbye to Sreyian and her family a few minutes ago. I met her soon after I arrived in Cambodia, since her family runs

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Last weekend, I said goodbye to the village where I’ve lived for the last year. The whole week, I’d led week of prayer for the

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