A Few of the Things I Love

I’ve worked on a lot of projects: for my church in America, the school where I taught in Cambodia, and more. You can explore some of these resources here… and I hope they are helpful to you!

Bible Memory Cue Cards

I love Bible memory. It’s good brain exercise, and who wouldn’t want to have their Bible that close? I have found it much easier to memorize with cue cards, and since they aren’t readily available online, I made my own.

Khmer Resources

A webpage I created with some of the best resources for learning and using Khmer, both Christian and otherwise.

Learn To Type Khmer

No easily accessible, online class for learning to type Khmer, the world’s most complex alphabet, previously existed. Until now. I created this class for Christensen Adventist School in Cambodia. Feel free to learn and share!

Note: if you want an account to save your progress, click here to contact me.