If He Cares For Sparrows…

As part of a training session we’re doing with all our church members, they’re meeting each morning this week, in small groups all over the village, to read or listen to the Bible and to pray. Our Father said that if we seek Him with all our heart, we’ll find Him. So we’re seeking.

Before one group started worship yesterday, while waiting for another family to come, we talked some with this family, in the picture above. They live out of the village on a dirt road, with no electricity. While the mom stays home to take care of the kids, the dad works in the jungle. His traps hadn’t caught anything, so they didn’t have anything to eat, this family with three kids. Just some white rice.

After worship finished, the kids went out of the house and we were preparing to leave when they came back, all excited, with a dead chicken. They didn’t want to kill their chickens, but one had died, and now they had food!

They felt God had sent it.

I can’t say for sure. But I do know this: that God cares about the details in our lives, and loves to do little things to make us happy. He cares even about little sparrows, and I know He cares for us.

And, by the way, please pray for all of us. Pray this week will be the start of new habits for all of our church members. We’re only having morning worship together for two more days, but we want to start our morning with God every day.

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