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Thoughts from a heart that is breaking for those who are broken.

In a world with billions of broken hearts and smashed dreams, there is hope for us. We are Compelled to Fly.


Last night, the church members on our side of the village were meeting together to read the Bible and pray, as they do every evening.

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The Silence of God

What do we do when God doesn’t answer our prayers? When you, or I, or our prayer group, or even thousands of united praying Christians

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Thank you for Pain

Last Wednesday, in the Philippines, on the western island of Palawan, a helicopter took off, headed to a remote island, more than an hour over

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If He Cares For Sparrows…

As part of a training session we’re doing with all our church members, they’re meeting each morning this week, in small groups all over the

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Deliverance [True Story]

I first wrote this story in 2016, the same year it happened. I rediscovered it recently among old documents, and after editing it slightly, decided

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A fire

Real Strength

The dim light in the courtroom illuminated their faces. The soldiers standing guard, rolling their eyes in exasperation at the ridiculous proceedings. Their faces contrasted

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A dark street in Cambodia, during the night.


It’s two days into the new year. The great controversy still rages. Our God (and our adversary) are ever the same. And I have but

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The Beauty of Tears

How is it possible to love a sparrow, or a chicken, or hamster, or any other animal? I was discussing this today with a friend,

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