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Thoughts from a heart that is breaking for those who are broken.

In a world with billions of broken hearts and smashed dreams, there is hope for us. We are Compelled to Fly.

If He Cares For Sparrows…

As part of a training session we’re doing with all our church members, they’re meeting each morning this week, in small groups all over the

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Deliverance [True Story]

I first wrote this story in 2016, the same year it happened. I rediscovered it recently among old documents, and after editing it slightly, decided

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A fire

Real Strength

The dim light in the courtroom illuminated their faces. The soldiers standing guard, rolling their eyes in exasperation at the ridiculous proceedings. Their faces contrasted

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A dark street in Cambodia, during the night.


It’s two days into the new year. The great controversy still rages. Our God (and our adversary) are ever the same. And I have but

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The Beauty of Tears

How is it possible to love a sparrow, or a chicken, or hamster, or any other animal? I was discussing this today with a friend,

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Accepted By The King

It’s Christmas Day in Cambodia! I helped to lead the school Christmas program on Monday, and then left on a moto trip to another province.

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A Cambodian Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated in Cambodia (indeed, Christmas isn’t either.) So I had normal work at the school all day, hence why I’m writing the post

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