When God Is Silent

But if I only KNEW, I could prepare for it.

Yeah. Well…

I know that God never withholds anything from us that would be in our best eternal interest to know. And He never withholds any blessing from us that would be in our best interest to have. So then, could it be that sometimes having foreknowledge would hinder us spiritually somehow? Maybe.

I think that’s why when God told Moses to go see Pharaoh, He didn’t tell him what would happen. That Pharaoh would refuse ten times, and threaten Moses and Aaron’s own lives. That Moses would be 40 years in the wilderness serving as President over the new nation of Israel, which was most of the time squabbling over petty issues. (Not unlike some nations today.)

I think that’s also why, when His disciples asked Him about the signs of His second coming, Jesus veiled the answer somewhat, shielding them from images of things that they were then unable to bear.

And I have a hunch that maybe that’s why sometimes, He doesn’t answer our questions. Or at least, it takes him a precious long time to do it.

And it often irritates me, since I need to plan, and I can’t plan unless I know what I need to plan for. And I can’t wait forever, because, uh… Yeah. I just can’t.

But you know what I’m learning?

He’s the creator of time. He can transform it like we turn the volume knob on the TV. Like, He has eternity to answer our questions. And actually, more often than not, I look back and see He was leading me toward the answer the whole time. I just couldn’t (or wouldn’t) look ahead far enough to see it.

My job? It’s just to keep my hand in His, all along the way.

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4 thoughts on “When God Is Silent”

  1. So true., Jared. Especially when you saw a green light and then it is red before you could progress with your plan. When we look back we can see his leading…the moments delayed saved us from disaster physically or prevented us harming someone with our thoughts, or agenda, etc. And sometimes crazy circumstancesi in this old world are just for our growth. Prayers to not be a sleeping virgin and be unprepared to move at the right time.

  2. So true. I’m glad God is so wise and knows what to tell us ahead of time and what to shield us from. Thanks for sharing!

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